Viewers can get the real feel of ‘Ratrir Jatri’ at the cinemas

Publish: 3:50 PM, November 3, 2018 | Update: 3:50:PM, November 3, 2018

Entertainment Desk:
After facing major obstacles for three years, Habibul Islam Habib’s much-awaited ‘Ratrir Jatri’ will release on December 14. It was announced during a press conference recently at the VIP hall of FDC.
Talking about the movie and the struggle for three years director Habibul Islam Habib broke down in tears. Habibul Islam Habib at the press conference said that “I need everyone’s blessings for the film. He also urged everyone to go to the cinema halls to watch the movie by saying viewers can get the real feel of ‘Ratrir Jatri’ at the theater.
He further informed that the shooting of the film started in 2015, which took place in BFDC, Gazipur and other places. Initially, the film was set to release last year, but it was delayed due to various reasons.
He stated that the film’s agenda is to convey a social awareness message, while delivering entertainment. He also informed that the movie will release at around 300 cinema halls of the country.
The film starring Moushumi and Anisur Rahman Milon together for the first time has already created a lot of buzz. Popular Dhaliwood superstar Moushumi plays the main protagonist named ‘Moina’. The narrative revolves around a journey Moina undertakes during the dark hours of a night. Playing Moina’s love interest is Anisur Rahman Milon, whose character is from an affluent family living in a small town. Their connection is thwarted by several incidents in the film, heightening anticipation of what will happen later in the film. Prominent actor Salahuddin Lavlu, who portrays a positive role in the movie marks his return to film after quite some time.
Legendary actor ATM Shamsuzzaman is one of the renowned names among the cast members, and is slated to appear as the rich, arrogant father of Moina. Popular actor Shahidul Alam Shachchu will play a police officer, while the late Raj Razzak’s son Samrat makes an appearance as a doctor. Other cast members include Aruna Biswas, Shimul Khan, Rebecca Parveen, and more.
The film includes two musical scores, one of which has been jointly composed by Lemis and Asif Akbar. Rubayet Jahan lent his vocals to an item song in the film, which includes Naila Nayem in the dance routine. It is to be noted that the item song sung by Rubayat Jahan have received positive and rave review from the viewers. The film is produced by Bank of Audio Visual Art.