Chairman Message

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We begin 2015 with the commitment of serving our country, Bangladesh, which celebrated its 43rd years of independence. We step into 2015 with hope and confidence in the new generation who have shown tremendous courage and strength that will carry our nation forward despite any obstacles.

The Bangladesh Today founded in 2002 has been proudly serving the country for the past 13 years through our uncompromising journalistic values and directive of social responsibility. Truth is the most powerful force that can unite people with a single constructive goal. Our motto “Uniting People Everyday” is what we endeavor to achieve through conscientious journalism. We strive to bring reliable and verified news from around the nation and the world to our growing number of readers worldwide.
We thank our valued readers and contributors for their support in making The Bangladesh Today one of the most successful English Daily Newspapers in the country.

From The Bangladesh Today family, I wish you peace, prosperity and fulfillment in 2015.

Happy New Year.

Chairman, Acting Editor & Publisher
The Bangladesh Today




The Bangladesh Today was founded by the initiative of former secretary M Asafuddowla on 24 August 2002 in Dhaka as a daily national English newspaper. The founder coined its slogan that ‘Attune the Rhythms of Tomorrow’. To erect democratic foundation and social justice and to eliminate corruption from the society in the then period, The Bangladesh Today kicked off its journey. The newspaper covered nearly all of the social phenomena including daily updated news, entertainment, sports, editorial, post-editorial etc and extending breadths, the newspaper carved out a hard ground in this field. This continued up to May 2007.

Ownership of the newspaper was transferred to Colonel Syed Shahabuddin Ahmed (Retd) on the same month i.e May 2007. With some new innovative ideas and upholding values of social justice, the daily set out for its new destination. Barrister Syed Sajjad Ahmed took over the responsibility as editor. Terminating old slogan,`Uniting People Everyday’ was endorsed on the top of newspaper as new slogan but keeping aforesaid contents like updated news, editorial, post-editorial, the new management decided to shrink its volume and it was limited in 12 twelve pages.

The chapter of Colonel Syed Shahabuddin Ahmed came to a close at the end of 2012. The newspaper again started its journey with new ownership and management. Md. Jobaer Alam, Assistant Professor of Dhaka University adorned Chairman Post of the daily from beginning of 2013. View of the newspaper was changed in some points but the main theme to uphold human rights, social justice and corruption elimination, remained unchanged. Flourished by enforcement of liberation, management is now continuing its publication. The new management has decided to work in new dimension to be a one of the leading English daily in the country.

Chairman, Acting Editor & Publisher: Jobaer Alam
Executive Editor: Iffat Hossain
Managing Editor: Tapash Ray Sarker