Fatality rate 90% among elderly villagers

Publish: 9:28 PM, July 26, 2021 | Update: 9:28:PM, July 26, 2021

Ashraful Islam Asraf
Emphasizing on vaccination for Covid-19 in rural areas Health and Family Planning Minister Zahid Maleque Monday said, ” In hospitals 70% of Covid patients are older people from villages while the fatality rate among them is 90%.”

Following the Prime Minister’s directive vaccination campaign will now be boosted in ward, union and upazila level, said the minister. Maleque was briefing reporters after attending the Cabinet meeting on Monday.

He said initiative has been taken to vaccinate elderly people from the ward level as they are more reluctant about receiving it. The minister also emphasized on ensuring more Covid-19 tests from the rural areas. He said, “90% of the hospital beds are occupied with patients and our health workers are tired now.”

The government will appoint 4,000 more doctors and nurses soon in the health sector, he said. He urged the authorities responsible to be stricter, warning of the terrible consequences waiting for the country if lockdown is not maintained properly.

“It’s unfortunate how people are moving outside, travelling only on the fourth day of lockdown, breaking the rules and risking lives,” said Maleque.
He said the lockdown has to be made successful as there is no other alternative to contain the Covid-19 spread.