It pains me that someone is using my name to dupe innocent people : Lata Mangeshkar

5 (764 x 430)Singer Lata Mangeshkar reacts to news that a woman is extracting money out of people using her name; says she’s extremely saddened, reports Hindustan Times.

Singer Lata Mangeshkar woke up to the shocking news on Wednesday that a lady by the name of Revati Khare is allegedly swindling a whole lot of people of their money in Lataji’s name. Disappointed by the dimensions of duplicity adopted by some people, Lataji says, “It pains me to know that a person can fall so low to make some quick money.
It pains me even more to know that my name was being used to dupe innocent people of their hard-earned money. I can’t begin to tell you how saddened I am by how low human nature has fallen.” Lataji came to know of the fraudulence only when a friend informed her. “A friend of mine who had been approached by the same lady suspected something was amiss. She rightly surmised that if I was really collecting money for the said charity I’d ask her directly.Why would I approach my friends through someone whom they had never heard of, and never met?”