No more language barriers in cinema

1 (393 x 430)Actress Kajol, who is making her comeback into southern cinema after two decades with Tamil film ‘VIP 2’, says cinema has changed and there are no more language barriers, Reports Times of India
Does she think the film industry doesn’t have a language barrier anymore? “I think in general, yes. But cinema has changed too. I feel the barriers in cinema, where language is concerned (has changed),” Kajol said. Kajol, 42, added, “We have categorised it as Bollywood, Hollywood and Kollywood… But honestly, those barriers have changed on an international level.” “We have English films like ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Spider-Man’ which do humongous business, then there is ‘Baahubali’, which goes abroad and does so much business and comes back…” she added. Kajol says cinema reflects what the audience wants. “Right now they (audience) want to see different things…Today, we can’t categorise our films anymore…it is a fabulous time for filmmakers,” added the actress, who starred in the 1997 Tamil film ‘Minsara Kanavu’. Asked if she is feeling any pressure of her comeback in southern cinema, she said, “Of course, there is pressure. But the pressure is more from my own side than anyone else’s side… Everyone has been wonderfully welcoming and everyone has been supremely positive and happy about it.”