The global warming boogeyman

Jean-Jacques Rousseau writes in The Social Contract, “Free nations, remember this maxim: ‘Liberty may be acquired but never recovered.'” Today’s environmental movement’s aim is the elimination of freedom through banning carbon emissions and fossil fuels – whereas real evil isn’t confronted. In 2005, as the movement was gaining steam, journalist Chris Mooney wrote a book, The Republican War on Science, which validated the false arguments of climate catastrophe. But Mooney took it a step further, dismissing arguments questioning global warming as being devoid of merit because the science had been settled.
Moreover, Mooney and his ilk would not listen to 16 eminent scientists who published an article in January 2012 in the Wall Street Journal titled No Need to Panic About Global Warming. Instead, others in the movement, including the writer Bill Bryson and former president Barack Obama, only attack the credibility of the dissenter or call them “deniers.” Only the voices they approve of are allowed to thrive: government bureaucracies, universities and non-profits with a vested, taxpayer dollar interest in perpetuating global warming. Without the global warming boogeyman, the money stops flowing to enterprises like solar energy and electric vehicles, and neither work without billions in taxpayer subsidies.
What does the “movement” say to the founder of the Weather Channel, who dismisses anthropogenic global warming altogether? If the earth is heating up, what should we make of the cooling trend that has taken place? And how do we address science that says this isn’t accurate or doesn’t take all weather, forecasting, or computer modeling trends into consideration? But reports say there is a 97% consensus on manmade global warming. Other credible sources will say those reports are false or capricious lies told by individuals along with a murky middle of global warming claims.
To both sides of the debate, there are two facts at odds with a modern society that claims there is global warming and climate change simultaneously. Few sensible people doubt climate change, only that humans are the main cause, and here’s why: current global average temperatures, according to the website, are roughly 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but 55 million years ago – right after dinosaurs – the era known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), the planet saw averages as high as 73 degrees Fahrenheit.
Additionally, today’s CO2 concentrations worldwide average around 380 parts per million, but 460 million years ago in the Ordovician Period (OP), they averaged 4,400 ppm, with temperatures the same as they are today. The challenge is to get respectable publications like Foreign Affairs – featuring articles with titles like Climate Shock – to accept these two facts that go against their worldview.
The questions science should answer are:
1) Why was the earth warmer when humans were not yet in existence? 2) And before the industrial revolution took place?
3) The earth now has billions more humans than ever and they are living longer, so why is the temperature the same as it was during the PETM and OP periods?
The version of the Paris Agreement (PA) still being debated costs trillions while never lowering temperatures, but somehow it provides national leaders with political cover without asking them why the earth is greener and has fuller vegetation versus environmental action doing nothing to help humanity thrive. The keys to lowering emissions, having cleaner air and improving overall environmental health are contained in Russell Gold’s book, The Boom, which shows how the United States, by expanding the use of natural gas over coal, was the only major industrialized nation to adhere to the Kyoto Protocols. Instead of PA-induced hysteria, use the trillions saved to invest in energy sources (coal and natural gas) to bring reliable energy resources to the over 600 million Africans without electricity (according to The World Bank).

Todd Royal has a Masters in Public Policy from Pepperdine University and has over 40 publications to his name

Source : Arab News