Shakib Khan admitted to hospital

Dhallywood heartthrob and recently mooted actor Shakib Khan has been admitted to a hospital of Capital city on Thursday noon. He was suffering from shoulder and chest pain and also stomach problem from midnight. In the hospital he is accompanied by his close relative. Film director, Shamim Ahmed Rony admitted him to the hospital. He stated- details will be available after the report of the diagnosis. A hospital official Sahara Akhter said that Shakib Khan to the hospital, but he has not been admitted to the hospital yet. He is doing an ECG (Electrocardiogram) test.
But it is surprising that, Apu Biswas, the popular actress and wife of Shakib Khan did not visit to the hospital yet. She said, “Abraham Khan Joy (their son) is also sick, so I am taking care of him in my house. I’ll go to the hospital soon.”
It is important to mention here that before few days, Apu Biswas came to a live broadcasting program of a television channel and claimed–“She had a seven-month-old child with Shakib Khan, whom she had married in secret in 2008, and was only going public now because of his neglect.” After that, Shakib Khan on Tuesday answered that the news of their marriagebirth of their son were kept in secret considering Apu’s acting career.