PM handed over replica of Bangabandhu Satellite

WEB_Hasina_Tarana_Bangabadnhu_Satellite_Replica-690x450 (660 x 430)DHAKA : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was handed over on Monday a replica of the Bangabandhu Satellite scheduled to be launched in the orbit on December 16 this year, reports UNB.
State Minister for Post and Telecommunications Tarana Halim handed over the replica to the Prime Minister at the beginning of the cabinet meeting.
The Bangabandhu Satellite, with a capacity of 1,600 megahertz, will have 40 transponders and the physical equipment of the space capsule that measures the capacity. Half of the capacity will be reserved for the country while the rest will be rented out.
The Bangabandhu Satellite-1 is scheduled to be launched on December 16, 2017. It will take two weeks to reach its destination of the orbiter slat 119.1 degree east longitude.