Over 25 million SIMs remains unregistered

TBT Desk
Over 25 million SIMs still remain unregistered after the deadline for re-registration under the biometric method expired on Tuesday midnight.
Telecom regulator BTRC’s Secretary Md Sarwar Alam told that a total of 108,108,000 subscriber identification modules (SIMs) were registered till the deadline. Mobile-phone operators have begun the process of deactivating more than 25 million unregistered SIM cards. The cut-off time for the re-registration of old SIMs was May 31 midnight. Sarwar also said that the deactivation process had started as per prior announcement. The unregistered SIMs which weren’t re-registered by the biometric system have been blocked yesterday (1st June) but some people alleged that their outgoing also been blocked though they have registered their SIM by the government decision. >

Over hundred users of Airtel, a privet mobile phone operator, gathered in front of its customer care at Dhanmondi protesting blockade of their outgoing call as they have registered their SIM earlier. Dhaka University student Monir Hossain alleged that ‘his Airtel SIM isn’t working though he re-registered it a month ago. On the other hand, a SIM from other operator is still active though he didn’t register it’! Airtel authority, on this occasion, said that the incident happened just because of problem at power supply. It has no connection with biometric registration. Meanwhile, operators are getting troubled to control network for the users as they have to doing it for the first time. Many of unregistered users having opportunities while many registered have putted into troubles. A student named Faysal Ahmed asked, ‘I didn’t registere my SIM then why they didn’t block it’? Blasting Robi for their terrible network connections, a user of this operator said, ‘Robi should be purified with holy water’!GP user and also the teacher of Jagannath University Dr. Siddhartha alleged that he registered his SIM at early moment of govt. announcement but now he cannot connect anyone. Operators said that they are trying to serve uninterrupted connections through the country.
Meanwhile, many operators are still re-registering their users SIM at customer cares violating govt. deadline.
Earlier, at the beginning of the day, users were getting trouble to make outgoing calls. After a while, at early in the morning, GP sent a message at its user’s cell phone saying that ‘the connection has been disrupted due to the govt. decision. Let’s come to the biometric point to re-start your connection in free cost’. On the other hand, Airtel announced that they will register SIM till 7th June. Meanwhile, Telecom regulator BTRC has issued new guidelines to mobile operators for re-registration of mobile-phone SIM cards after biometric tests.
The earlier instruction to block the unregistered SIMs for two months has now been withdrawn and subscribers will be able to re-activate the blocked SIM cards immediately by providing biometric details in line with the new guidelines.
The latest BTRC guideline says those SIMs not registered with biometric tests by Tuesday can be re-registered by users within 450 days after expiry of deadline.