Youths should be habituated in carrying out social research

RAJSHAHI:   Speakers at a discussion have stressed the need for making the students and other youths habituated in carrying out social research for founding community leadership coupled with unearthing existing problems and prospects everywhere in the society.
They noted that the social issues should be focused before the policy planners properly through the young generation so that need-based programmes are adopted. The observations came at the inaugural session of a three-day training workshop styled “Social Research and Peoples-led Development Process” held at the Barcic Regional Resource Center in the city on Wednesday, reports BSS.
Barcic Institute of Applied Studies (BIAS) organized the workshop with the main thrusts of building some 20 youths with life and skills-related teaching and knowledge. On completion of the course, the trainees will find out the existing problems of the area and will present those before all the people, policymakers and local government representatives.
Barcic Coordinator and BIAS Faculty Member Pavel Partha, Regional Coordinator Shahidul Islam, Area Coordinator Zahid Ali, Course Coordinator and Researcher Bahauddin Bahar and Associate Programme Officer Raju Ahmed spoke on the occasion as resource persons.
The speakers said there are no alternative to arranging leadership trainings for the youths for founding them as active citizens and develop leadership skills among them properly.
Enriching students’ leadership along with their capacity building is the precondition to generate job opportunities, social development and free the society from gender discriminations and vicious cycle of poverty.
Time has come to generate community leadership from among the young generation to take forward the nation successfully and that is very important to bring a qualitative change in the society.
Besides, equipping them with modern knowledge has become an urgent need for cherished national development in the days ahead.
Pavel Partha said the initiative has been taken to engage the youths towards democratic activities through their active and effective participation for strengthening capacity of professional skills.