Foundation Agency – – Channel Foundation : Grants for Women’s Rights

channel foundation (560 x 338)The Channel Foundation is based in Washington, United States and specifically provides funding to organization in areas of women’s rights and leadership development around the world. The Foundation envisions a world where there is equal protection and fulfillment of human rights of women and girls. The Foundation has been mostly involved in providing grants to international development organizations and it does not seem to give financial support to small and local NGOs in developing countries. However, most of its grantees including some reknown international foundations and donors supporting various women-based programs and projects in developing countries.
The Foundation does not accept any unsolicited proposals and it identifies its grantees on its own and requests proposals directly from them. The Foundation currently supports the following areas:
” Ensuring Women’s Participation in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
” Advancing Indigenous Women’s Rights and Leadership
” Securing Reproductive Rights/Justice
” Overcoming Legal Inequality (Including Inheritance and Resource Rights)
” Ending Violence Against Women and Protecting Women Human Rights Defenders
” Promoting Media Reform and Gender Equity
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