EEC-JU calls for recruiting new members



Publish: 9:41 PM, July 9, 2020 | Update: 9:41:PM, July 9, 2020

Shahadat Sumon, JU correspondent: A volunteer organizations of Jahangirnagar University (JU) E-Business & Entrepreneurship Club (EEC-JU) on Thursday has started recruiting new members through three phases for its current session 2020-21.

The President of EEC-JU, Munira Ferdous has asked the students of both 48 and 49th batch of JU to complete the second phases of the recruitment process ` Membership Hive’ only who have completed the registration process under the first phases.

The Human Resource secretary of EEC-JU, Muammar Shahrear and Promotion Secretary, Afsana Akter Asha are charged as the convener and Co-Convener of this recruitment process respectively where the President of EEC-JU, Munira Ferdous is in the charge of overall supervision.

Munira Ferdous, President of EEC-JU said, “Membership in EEC-JU helps to learn about business and gives the opportunity to develop anyone’s skills to be an entrepreneur. Young-minds will discover the secret of being able to talk confidently with prospective persons and they will experience the chance to test his business skills through different competitions. I am so excited to work with the newest talents.”

Co-convener of this event Afsana Akter Asha also expressed satisfaction as about 400 students has registered to become a member of EEC-JU adding “The most important thing for the longevity of an organization is the arrival of new members. The new curious faces are constantly changing through their own efforts. Therefore, the work of the organization revolves around newcomers.”

“The 2nd phase of Membership Recruitment will be held into two sections titled sessions and tasks. After completing the 1st and 2nd phases, the 3rd phase Viva-voce will also be taken online.” said the convener of the event Muammar Shahrear.