JU to start online classes from July 12

BSU urges five points demand



Publish: 7:13 PM, July 8, 2020 | Update: 7:13:PM, July 8, 2020

Shahadat Sumon, JU correspondent: The authorities of Jahangirnagar University (JU) have decided to conduct online classes from July 12 and asked all the department to take initiatives in this regard. The decision was taken at a virtual meeting chaired by the university’s vice-chancellor Professor Farzana Islam on Tuesday.

It was also discussed that a meeting of the Academic Council will be convened within the next one month to take initiatives about the finalization of the results of various examinations, postponed examinations and other necessary matters. However, it has been asked not to take any kind of online test.

A committee headed by Professor Ajit Kumar Majumder, Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Physical sciences was approved on the meeting to supervise any problem during the online classes. Besides the department and faculties has instructed not to include the marks on online class attendance.

If teachers will faces any problems in conducting online classes, they have requested to inform the supervision committee. For those who are unable to attend online classes due to internet problems, teachers will be instructed to make online class videos accessible to students by e-mail or otherwise.

Two more committees will be formed to solve economic problems of teachers and students. However, teachers can give assignments based on their classes and if the decision will be taken by the Academic Council considering the emergency situation, the examination or tutorial will be considered.

Again, in a joint statement, Mikha Piregu, President of Bangladesh Students Union, JU Shangsad and General Secretary Rakibul Rony urged to the university authorities to start online classes only after ensuring the opportunity of every students in participating the classes.

At the statement signed by the Publicity and Publication secretary of the organization, Imtiaz Arnab, they have demanded five points in this regard adding “Starting online classes without adequate preparation would definitely be a foolish decision of the university authorities.”

“The university has to pay all the data costs for each student to take online classes and students who do not have the device to conduct online classes will need to be identified and funded to purchase the device. Again, Students in financial crisis need to be given financial assistance.” the statement reads.

“In collaboration with the state and telecom operators, high speed uninterrupted 4G internet facility should be ensured for all students and they must be provided an academic e-mail ID and required the access on the online academic resources. University journals should be made available in online resources.” the statement added.

Besides, uploading every classes on each department’s Facebook group, university’s website, YouTube, Google Drive and proper training of conducting online classes of the teachers also demanded on the statement.