NSU Community Came Together to Give the Gift of Life: Humanitarian Blood Donation Event a Resounding Success

Publish: 9:39 PM, March 25, 2023 | Update: 9:39 PM, March 25, 2023

Like every year, North South University Social Services Club (NSU SSC) has held its annual event, “Blood Donation Drive 2023” on the North South University campus with the intent to prevent deaths caused by the scarcity of blood and motivate youths to donate blood.

It lasted three days from March 19th to March 21st, 2023. This year the event has been successfully conducted with the collaboration of the recognized organization “Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation and Samity”. The complete blood collection procedure was carried out under the supervision of a specialist. 1200 bags of blood were collected during the course
of the event.

Donors have also supplied refreshments such as snacks, ice cream, and juice as well as free testing for Malaria, Syphilis, Hepatitis A and B, and HIV. A free membership card was also provided to the donors from “Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation and Samity”.

Regarding this event, Mahmudul Hasan, President, North South University Social Services Club says, “The gift of blood is the gift of life. Your donation can make a significant difference in the life of someone in need. Every drop of blood donated has the power to save a life and today we have witnessed the power of kindness and generosity in our community.

To that effect, the university and the club are coming forward to do their part in collecting the much-needed blood and gifting it to the people affected by the deadly disease like thalassemia.”