IU sets records on administrative and academic accountability index

Publish: 4:49 PM, July 11, 2020 | Update: 4:49:PM, July 11, 2020

The administration of the Islamic University (IU) has set a record in the Transparency Index of Administrative and Academic Accountability. The financial report of the investigation team of the University Grants Commission has been highly praised and the overall report has been radically changed, a press release said.

The University’s Teachers’ Association has formally thanked the administration, which is due to expire on August 20, for bringing about a radical change in its overall academic and administrative activities. However, there are rumors about the transparency of the mega project of the university worth Tk 753 crore. University teachers feel that the main challenge in tackling financial irregularities is the continued transparency index.

It is learned that the present administration was tasked on August 21, 2016 to tackle the challenge of progressive ideological secularism to the university, which is famous for its reactionary politics. The campus did not close even for an hour under the administrative skill. In the meantime, Bangabandhu Chair was established to inspire patriotism and non-communal spirit, immaculately beautiful Mural of Mujib at the main gate, Liberation War Corner, Bangabandhu Corner and Ekushey Corner in the Central Library and a mural was erected calling for the resurrection of Mujib and liberation at Bangabandhu Residential Hall. Increasing working hours from 8 to 4:30 instead of 2 to 8, University-centric first (2018-2021) five-year model organogram approval for major changes in academic activities, freeing all departments from session clutter under proper supervision, increasing five faculties to 8, upgradation from 25 departments to 34, participation of foreign students, MPhil PhD policy upgrades, central library automation, integration of results processing software, central laboratory and innovation lab are set up.

MoUs have been signed with 10 universities in the international arena. Internal income has increased more than before financial management, the budget deficit has been reduced almost threefold. In addition, 19 audit objections have been settled in recent times. There are no audit objections in the last two financial years. Due to various irregularities in the university, 36 people have been brought under different terms of punishment. The university, which received an allocation of Tk 536.06 crore under the mega project, has extended the vertical of 18 buildings.

Electronic tendering system was introduced for greater infrastructural transparency. In this transparent process, construction work of vertical extension of 18 buildings is underway, besides, tender process has started after the design of 9 ten-storey buildings. The entire campus has been brought under CCTV cameras. 8 AC vehicles with 32 seats, 2 buses with 52 seats and 1 ambulance have been added to the transport pool to solve the transportation problem due to location. Completion of the third phase development project will ensure 80% housing at all levels with adequate academic and administrative infrastructure. In addition to taking online classes, virtual meetings are also being held with the eminent teachers and officials of the university so that the overall pace does not stop due to the unscheduled holidays of the university in the critical moments of the coronation period. However, senior teachers and senior executives of the university are urged to work with the administration to challenge the transparency of the Tk 536.06 crore allocated for the mega project of the university.

University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Rashid Askari said, “I have tried my best to fulfill my responsibilities with honesty, devotion and sincerity.” The Islamic University is now more established than at any time in the past”.