JU gymnasium and swimming pool are badly in need of reconstruction

Publish: 9:59 PM, November 22, 2021 | Update: 9:59:PM, November 22, 2021

Sheikh Tajul Islam
Gymnasium and swimming pool of Jahangirnagar University, the only residential University of Bangladesh are on the blink alleged most of the students and teachers of the University. Apart from the shortage of equipments, existing equipments are also being found out of whack.
Moreover, Jahangirnagar University contains same proportion of female students too who are also in need of a separate Gymnasium, demanded most of them. While expressing her grief , Nafisa Sharmin, a student from Urban and Regional Planning told, ” We can’t ignore the importance of physical exercise. Even, we know health is wealth. But the condition of our gymnasium is not suitable for us. ”

“University needs a separate place or if possible a separate gymnasium for female students like us. Sufficient equipments as well a safe and sound environment also require to be ensured by the concern authority. More budget for this sector need to be ensured. Existing budget is not insufficient although if fully implemented

” She accused .
In the condition of anonymity, an official of the gymnasium said,” Necessary equipments are insufficient that left students demotivated. More Cycling machine, Dumbbells, Barbells are in need of purchasing. More budget for this sector need to be ensured. Existing budget seems insufficient.”
While asked, acting in charge of JU gymnasium, Begum Nasrin told,” Necessary steps will be taken to mobilize the equipments which are out of order now. We, the authority, will also try to purchase new equipments that are in need of. Meanwhile, a separate room is also ensured to serve the purpose of female students. ”

Besides, Students alleged that Instructors show less interest while time comes for training. Against this allegation, Nasrin Begum claimed, ” Responsibilities are not yet distributed person wise. While, we will distribute responsibility, this problem will find its solution automatically. ”
Along with the gymnasium, only swimming pool of this campus is also in need of repair. It has been a long time since it repaired last. Being dead on it’s feet, It has now even turned into a native land of mosquitoes, garbages. Besides, mentioning its urgency of repairing, water itself, lost natural colour of it. It becomes a breeding place of mosquitoes.

While asked about the possibilities of insecurities caused by mosquitoes, Professor Dr. Kabirul Bashar, a renowned Medical Entomologist, Scientist and popular public speaker on Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria and Filariasis in Bangladesh Said ,” Water has not yet been rotten. But, it needs to be cleared. Leaves,garbages that led water to get poisonous are in need of clearing out . There is a less possibility to found the mosquitoes there which are responsible for dengue. ”

Apart from being an abandoned place, this is now used as place to consume drugs for the outsider as well for the students of this very campus. As a desolated place, it becomes a secured place also for illegal activities like thefts.Earlier, some outsider also found convicted while fishing illegally.