A policy dialogue on next generation youth entrepreneurship

Publish: 3:51 PM, December 24, 2018 | Update: 3:51:PM, December 24, 2018

TBT Feature

“Our society’s perspective is changing with the shift of world market. Most of the problems can only be solved through empowering youth. It will not bring positive change in society immediately but definitely”- Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain, Founder and President of YSSE, started the program- “Youth Policy Dialogue” with the theme “Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurs” on 21st December, 2018. YSSE arranged a roundtable discussion with the successful entrepreneurs, emerging entrepreneurs, leaders of different entrepreneurs’ association and people who are related to the entrepreneurial journeys at SEL Center. The roundtable discussion was moderated by Ashfaq Zaman, Advisor/Mentor, Queen’s Young Leaders; President, LEAD. The representatives from the organizations supporting the entrepreneurs as well as the new & emerging entrepreneurs were present to talk about the problems they are facing in their journey. In a point, they all have agreed that there is not a very good environment for our entrepreneurs. But, they also have mentioned about the possibilities which we have to make an integrated ecosystem for the entrepreneurs.
On the starting of this round-table discussion, Former ECAB president and Founder of Search English, RazibAhmed advised the young entrepreneurs to be focused to turn ideas into a sustainable structure. Idea must be simple, unique, sustainable and saleable. Honorable special guest of the program, Tina Jabeen, Investment Advisor, Startup Bangladesh, ICT Division, presented the government facilities, offers and programs to the entrepreneurs. Another respected special guest, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hannan Chowdhury, Vice Chancellor of Primeasia University, believes that our optimistic youth cannot rely on their academic education to complete the technological advanced world’s entrepreneurs’ market.
Honorable chief guest Engr. Mohammad Abdul Awal, Managing Director, The Structural Engineers Limited, shared his blissful and amazing memories of business life. He thinks our education system is not capable to create entrepreneurs. In the ending speech honorable moderator Ashfaq Zaman summarized the discussions of the events. To him when youth will see bigger problems as greater opportunities, then people from each levels of the society will be benefitted from the fruit of entrepreneurship. This round table discussion figures out many problems, solutions and possibilities for young entrepreneurs in future. All the organizations are determined to cooperate to shape the future of entrepreneurs for a better tomorrow.
This program was supported by The Structural Engineers Limited and LEAD. Rokomari.com and Kabuliwaala.com were the strategic partners. “CMUD Events” cooperated as the event partner. “CNI” was the online media partner and “Geniee360 Digital Solutions” was the online marketing partner of the event.