BTI Brokerage: Breaking barriers and making milestones

Publish: 6:29 PM, January 20, 2021 | Update: 6:29 PM, January 20, 2021

Feature Desk
BTI is considered the starfish in the real estate industry of Bangladesh since its humble beginnings. However, it is the reliance of the customers that truly take credit. The company’s topmost core value is to win the customer’s heart. With this in mind, the company launched its new vertical ‘BTI Brokerage’. The response and success has been so overwhelming that the company is now forced to expand its operation beyond the country’s boundary!

The demand for real-estate in the form of small units such as ‘flat’ is ever-increasing. Whether to buy or rent an apartment, the rise of new residential areas, changing urban policies, and fluctuating needs of the population are making plenty of options available at the doorsteps of the customer. BTI Brokerage acts as a trustworthy mediator between both the buyer and seller of the property. The company want to make both ends meet in the most secure way possible.

With strong brand popularity in the country the customer can expect the set prices to be reasonable and as per the demand. According to Hasan S Ullash, a brand manager at BTI, the company ensures that documents from the seller’s end are legit, and they allow buyers to visit the properties to properly investigate for attaining value for money. He added that to ensure that both parties cooperate during the entire process, their large clientele base gives ample networking opportunities among buyers and sellers. Therefore, if a potential client are hoping to rent your property or buy one, they can gain greater reach here! There are only a handful of trusted real estate brokerage companies in Bangladesh, and bti brokerage is winning the race!

BTI ensures better online presence for the local real estate enthusiasts. With unanimous popularity among Dhaka based customers, the company now expanding to a new market in the South at Chattogram as well. Their new user-friendly website offers robust information on real-estate and hassle-free property dealings at the tip of customer’s fingertips! All they have to do is register, login, and then just post the customer’s property on BTI’s website and specify the command of buying, selling, or renting a property. Both residential and commercial properties are welcome to be advertised
To facilitate customer’s delight they are now available on several social media platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Youtube.

The company nurtures a professional team to cater to the need of a big clientele base both in Dhaka and Chattogram. From legal counseling to solving land and tax issues, the sales team tirelessly works to ensure that the agreements between both parties are as transparent as possible. In summary they are all equipped to provide a one-stop brokerage solution. From the leading real estate company of Bangladesh, bti Brokerage is an absolute mediator and customer’s safest way of buying or selling property in this challenging times.