M Miraz Hossain has been elected president of Lions Club of Dhaka Mohakhali Friends

Publish: 4:48 PM, May 15, 2022 | Update: 4:48:PM, May 15, 2022

Ln. M Miraz Hossain has been elected the president of the Lions Club of Dhaka Mohakhali Friends (District 315 A2, Bangladesh) for the year 2022-23. He was elected president after winning a landslide victory in a formal election on Saturday.

Ln. Nayan Akhtar has been elected as the secretary and Ln. Abdul Kader has been elected as the treasurer. The election was held under the chairmanship of the current president of the organization, Ln. Shaila Sabrin MJF. Besides, Ln.

Lions Club of Dhaka Mohakhali Friends (District 315 A-2 Bangladesh) is a social organization. Over the years, the organization has carried out various social welfare activities including financial assistance for mosque renovation, distribution of winter clothes among orphans, arranging iftar in madrasas and orphanages, building houses for families broken by the river, and providing free eye surgery.

Newly-elected President Ln. M Miraz Hossain said, “I was associated with this organization from the beginning. I have directly participated in all the programs. Now that I have been elected president, my responsibilities have increased. I want to work for the development of society with all the members. ”

Ln. M Miraz Hossain is also associated with various social organizations. He has previously served as Assistant Project Director on several UN projects in Canada and is the founder and President of Praner Bach 93 and Keya Students Forum Bangladesh. He is also associated with the Ban Ki-moon Center.