One of the content creators in Bangladesh is Abida Sultana of Abida’s Creations

Publish: 8:12 PM, September 5, 2023 | Update: 8:12 PM, September 5, 2023

Abida Sultana Hira is a practicing lawyer. In spite of her identity as founder of NA Boutiques & Handicrafts, she is more popularly known as a digital content creator. Most of her content is based on social awareness, comedy, entertainment and her own vocal-based creativity. She is also a versatile singer, for which she is rapidly gaining the people’s affection. Already Abida’s Creation page has gained 500,000 followers. Most people follow her page mainly to see her social awareness work, but Abida is also working on Islamic music. She is hopeful that a series of Islamic music will be available on her channel in future. She uploads all the content on her page “Abida’s Creation”. The success of Abida’s Creation did not come overnight. Due to having only 100 subscribers in a year, the channel was about to shut down. But on the advice of his mother, Abida continued with her journey revolving around Abida’s — the work she loved. Within three years, Abida obtained a total of 500,000 followers on her Facebook page. This content creator believes that the real success of life lies in doing the work of love in the right way all the time.