Md Tamim Ikbal is a young Bangladeshi IT entrepreneur

Publish: 11:57 PM, September 15, 2023 | Update: 11:57 PM, September 15, 2023

Al Hasan Milad: Md Tamim Ikbal, he is a website designer. Worked with more than 150 projects/companies. He is also a digital marketer. Besides studying, working as a freelancer online. Along with studying Gaibandha, he worked in Upwork, Fiver Marketplace. Tamim now usually spends most of his day working on web design and development outside of the marketplace. At this young age, his monthly income is about three to five thousand dollars. Md Tamim Ikbal became proficient in web design mainly by watching the videos & tutorials on Google and YouTube. You may think, what is the secret behind the success of Tamim Ikbal? First – interest in his work, second – talent, and third – hard work and harmony and communication skills with people. Tamim Ikbal is an ideal example, who has achieved personal and professional success with his ability and will to work. Tamim also dreams of taking the youth of his area to professional life.