The YouTube Guy from the University of DhakaDhaka

Publish: 5:31 PM, November 14, 2022 | Update: 5:31 PM, November 14, 2022

Just one year after getting kicked out from his university for filming amid Covid restrictions, Ratul Sinha received an invitation to attend the same campus as a guest.

He is presently studying BBA in Banking and Insurance at the University of Dhaka. In addition, he is a fantastic storyteller. His admissions story motivated hundreds and aided many others to cope with the pressure of the admissions period. His YouTube channel has received more than 32 million views as of this writing. It’s hard to say, though, what kind of videos he actually produces because he creates everything that he finds entertaining.

He began making comedy sketches in 2014 as he started his career as a content creator.
Following that, he presented intriguing video genres to the Bangladeshi audience. People have witnessed him doing interesting things on the campuses of BUET and DU. He portrayed campuses in a way that inspires aspirants to get ready for their desired universities. Moreover, he created a real television commercial using a smartphone, which made it vivid to aspiring filmmakers that equipment truly doesn’t matter.

He is prominent for his “Let’s Talks” series. He excels in every endeavor, whether it is his vlogs, food reviews, music, and dance covers, or challenge videos. It goes without saying that he is one of Bangladesh’s most diligent artists. He even runs an English-speaking channel. This demonstrates how much this guy genuinely loves making videos and exploring new ideas. He has one of the dedicated fan following as a result.

He enjoys creating 24-hour challenges, where he essentially has fun for the entire day. He created his first animation in just 24 hours and also finished a song in that time. He also displayed a mature personality while undertaking these challenges. For instance, a song he wrote in just 24 hours ran into trouble. But he handled it in a very constructive way.

He is almost about to begin his tenth year of content creation. However, it wasn’t simple. “If it was too easy to achieve, you’re better than the goal of yours,” he contends. His older brother, whom he considered to be his idol, advised him to quit when he encountered repeated failures in video creation. But he didn’t stop there and continued to struggle.

Ratul likes the sky a ton because it relieves his pain, and his eyes to get there because he dreams of being the best creator in the world. His work indicates that he will soon achieve this feat. For aspiring artists, he set an excellent example by striking a balance between his studies and passion.