Sanjida Alam’s Success Through the Power of Her Efforts

Publish: 7:17 PM, November 13, 2022 | Update: 7:17 PM, November 13, 2022

Sanjida Alam is a prominent influencer who wears a hijab outside. She is well known for her modeling, fashion guidance, and lifestyle suggestions. “I have worked as a brand advocate and brand ambassador with hundreds of domestic and global firms in the previous five years,” this successful woman said.
“It wasn’t simple to combine this modeling career and become a successful influencer while retaining a hijab,” Sanjida continued. 7 years ago, Sanjida desired to work as a model. However, the hijab was a barrier. Several organizations made it clear that the hijab would not be allowed, although the applicant passed the audition stage. Sanjida is a model now; however, she does wear a hijab. Utilizing her Facebook platform, she began fashion blogging after she got rejected for modeling.

The burqa-abaya, sarees, jewelry, and cosmetics were eventually added to her repertoire of items to deal with in addition to the hijab. Within a few days, the reputation began to grow. The audience was still enthralled by Sanjida’s presenting abilities. The item she was promoting might occasionally go out of stock right away. Since then, she has had requests to serve as their brand ambassador from several well-known corporations. Sanjida’s quest to realize her ambition started in this manner.
Currently, Sanjida is a successful social media influencer. She has more than 2.1 million followers on Facebook. Over the past few years, she has worked with hundreds of domestic and international organizations.
Sanjida said, “The beginning was with a friend, I had to get blocked from the family environment, but I didn’t give up. The interesting thing is that companies that did not initially hire me for hijab are now approaching me and asking me to work for them”. Since 2017, Sanjida has been on YouTube, making hijab and makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. She became successful in a short time, earning YouTube’s silver play button.
Sanjida has slightly different ideas about the future. Her Facebook profile was once deactivated for an unforeseen cause. She ended herself in difficulties because she broke away from the working group and its adherents. She decided to pursue a career as a software engineer after that to one day assist someone with a technical issue. She is now sprinting to this destination. She is also enrolled in a private university’s computer science and engineering program.
Sanjida enjoys daydreaming. She enjoys dreaming as well. Many young women already find motivation in having a positive outlook. After witnessing her, many individuals have had success with fashion blogging. Sanjida expects that this pattern will hold in the coming years.