Our film industry seems like a train without a driver: Rizvi

Publish: 9:58 PM, May 23, 2024 | Update: 9:58 PM, May 23, 2024

TBT REPORT : Today, May 23, is the birthday of actor, lyricist, and playwright Rezaur Rahman Rizvi. On this occasion, he will be a guest on ATN Banglas regular daily program Chayer Chumuk at 7:30 am. Presented by Bhabna Ahmed, the program is directed by Shampa Mahmud and Mostak H. Mashuk. Rizvi will speak about his recent works at the event. He recently spoke with the entertainment department of The Bangladesh Today about his work and ideas for the media.

Today is your birthday. What are your plans for the day?

For me, a birthday means another year has passed. As a result, many incomplete works still remain. Time is running out. I never plan my birthday that way, but family, relatives, and friends wish me well. Some bring cakes and flowers. Apart from this, I mainly spend time with my family. Additionally, I will be a guest on ATN Banglas Chayer Chumuk today at 7:30 am, where I will discuss my recent media activities in detail.

Your first film ‘Megher Kapat’ won awards at several film festivals. How do you feel about that?

Megher Kapat, directed by Walid Ahmed, is my first film. It has participated in several film festivals and won awards. Last month, Megher Kapat was screened and awarded at the Suchitra Sen International Film Festival in New York. On December 1 of last year, it won Best Foreign Film, Best Director (Foreign Film), and the Raj Kapoor Award at Indias Global Independent Film Festival-2023. Additionally, Megher Kapat was selected to be screened at the 22nd Dhaka International Film Festival in January this year. Overall, I am very happy with the positive feedback my first film has received.

Have you signed on for a new film in the future?

I am working on another film. Verbal agreements with the director have already been finalized. I will officially announce it once I sign the contract. I hope to start shooting after the next Eid.

Are you only acting in films, or are you also working in TV drama?

I am spending comparatively less time on TV drama now. The reason is that the stories and plots of the current popular TV dramas are often so weak that I am not inclined to act in them. Additionally, most of these dramas are produced for YouTube, and neither the writers nor the producers focus on quality. Therefore, due to a mismatch of preferences, my involvement in TV drama has become irregular. However, I am currently acting as a commissioner in the serial drama Traffic Signal on RTV, alongside co-artists like Faruq Ahmed, Siddiqur Rahman and so on.

We know you are associated with the Television playwright Association. Can you tell us about that?

The Television playwright Association works on issues related to the interests of playwrights. I have held various positions in the last four committees of this association over the past eight years. I served as the organizing secretary in the last committee. However, due to personal reasons, I do not hold any position in the new committee formed this month, but I remain involved in the multifaceted work of the organization.

What are your thoughts about the current state of film in our country?

Our film industry seems like a train without a driver. Its running, but it doesnt know where its going or where to stop. In other words, directors are making films but are not paying enough attention to what the audience actually wants. As a result, we often hear that audiences are not watching films, and that films are being pulled from theaters due to a lack of viewers. Thats why directors need to understand what the audience really wants. Since moviegoers buy the tickets, they have the power to decide which films to watch.

Tell us about your recent writing.

In recent years, I have mainly focused on writing. I am working on a book publication at an upcoming book fair. Additionally, I am writing plays and songs. Soon, a play I wrote, titled Barsha Bihone, will be aired on a private channel. Several of my songs are also prepared and are likely to be published during the upcoming Eid.