Mahfuz Islam’s “Hit Singer”

Publish: 8:45 PM, February 13, 2024 | Update: 8:45 PM, February 13, 2024

Young director Mahfuz Islam’s solo play “Hit Singer” was released on Kanamachi Drama Channel. The play was produced by Syed Mohammed Sohel Shafiqul Alam Sonnet was the cinematographer.

The play was released on February 10 on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The story of the drama is arranged with multi-faceted conflict of love and heartbreak and exciting events.

Mahfuz Islam said, “There is a difference in story and production in the play. The producer of the play, Mahfuz Islam, expressed hope that the hit singer play will be liked by the audience. He said that apart from the difference in the story and production style, there was also a difference in the location. The play was filmed in the beautiful location of the zamindar’s house in Manikganj.
Actor Alif Chowdhury said – I played the role of an artist in this drama. The beginning of the artist’s life goes through many difficulties and struggles. People of love cannot be companions in this difficult path. thank you

Producer Syed Mohammed Sohel Bhai for giving me such a beautiful project.

Alif Chowdhury, Sini Snigdha, Fargana Milton, Imran Hossain, Sonika, Sumaiya etc. acted in it.

Heartthrob singer of the time Khairul Wasi gave voice to two songs titled “Abar Ken Asescho” and “Ek Prithi Prem” with sweet poetic lyrics.