Pori Moni set to captivate her fans with “Kagojer Bou”

Publish: 8:51 PM, January 18, 2024 | Update: 8:51 PM, January 18, 2024

TBT REPORT: Pori Moni is all set to captivate her fans as “Kagojer Bou” gears up for its theatrical release on January 19. Directed by Chayanika Chowdhury, the film features Pori Moni in the role of an affluent young woman ensnared in an intricate marriage with a less privileged man. The narrative delves into her character’s tribulations within the confines of a challenging marriage, marked by mistreatment and various manifestations of psychological abuse inflicted upon her by her husband.
Regarding the film, Pori Moni said, “I’m truly excited about the film’s release. I’m thrilled that my fans will have the opportunity to watch my movie in the first month of the year. I kindly request the audience to visit theatres and experience the movie on the big screen.”
The actress also mentioned that she filmed for the movie quite some time ago. “Back then, it was freezing cold, but the surroundings were stunning, and the location was excellent. Overall, it was a wonderful project,” she shared.
“Kagojer Bou” transforms a familiar story into a new and compelling form. The narrative promises to deeply resonate with the audience.
Asserting that “Kagojer Bou” is different than other films, Pori Moni stated, “It’s a story that addresses everyday incidents happening all around us. Chayanika di is extremely talented, and all the actors have given their best. The soundtrack is also exceptional. Quality films always attract audiences to theatres”.
Meanwhile, Pori Moni has recently visited her hometown in Pirojpur. She spent a few days there and shared about the experience. “Barishal has a lot to offer even during winter. I explored many places. I indulged in all sorts of delicious food and had a fantastic time with my cousin as I captured moments with them in the mustard fields. It was truly an enjoyable experience.”
On the professional front, Pori Moni has resumed shooting for her film “Dodor Golpo”, a project granted by the government. She plans to commence shooting for the film as soon as the cold weather subsides.
Upon returning to Dhaka from Barishal, Pori Moni, along with her son Rajya and some family members, encountered unforeseen issues. Rajya fell sick after having fruit bought from a shop in Barishal.
Pori Moni shared, “My child, who had a small portion of the fruit, fell ill and has been suffering from food poisoning. He is still in the hospital. Fortunately, the health risk for other family members, including myself, has passed. I earnestly request everyone to pray for my son, Rajya.”