Taylor Swift not searchable on X amid graphic AI photo scandal

Publish: 6:59 PM, January 30, 2024 | Update: 6:59 PM, January 30, 2024

Searches for “Taylor Swift” on Saturday were yielding no results on Twitter/X. The social network has temporarily halted displaying any search results for the singer due to a troubling scandal involving explicit AI-generated images of the singer, prompting critical inquiries into the ethical implications of technology and its capacity to exploit and cause harm.

Presently, X users encounter an error notice when attempting to search for her name.

Formerly, expressions of concern emanated from the White House to US lawmakers, urging both the government and corporations to implement crucial measures to alleviate the adverse impacts of AI. In a decisive move, X has now opted to temporarily suspend searches for Swift’s name, showcasing an abundance of caution and giving precedence to her safety. Addressing the situation, a representative from X told Page Six, “This is a temporary action, taken with an abundance of caution as we prioritise safety in this matter.”

Alarming sexualised deepfakes featuring Taylor Swift circulated on X in the past week, depicting the 34-year-old musician at her boyfriend’s NFL game. These unsettling deepfakes, aimed at the “Cruel Summer” singer, promptly ignited outrage amongst her devoted fans, who fervently urged others not to share them. Swifties also identified the individual responsible for this reprehensible act.

A source informed earlier that a “furious” Taylor Swift is “contemplating legal action.” The insider stated on Thursday, “Whether legal action will be pursued is under consideration, but one thing is clear: These artificial, AI-generated images are abusive, offensive, exploitative, and created without Taylor’s consent and/or knowledge.”

While the singer has not officially commented on the scandal, her fans are rallying in her defense. “The Twitter account that posted them no longer exists. It is shocking that the social media platform allowed them to be up in the first place,” added the source.

Source: Screen Rant