Monalisa to star in several projects upon her return

Publish: 7:25 PM, May 13, 2024 | Update: 7:25 PM, May 13, 2024

TBT REPORT: Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa is a Bangladeshi actress, model and dancer. She started her career by appearing in television commercials and stage dancing. She subsequently won Miss Photogenic 2000. She played in several television series and telefilms and is a trained dancer.

She began by captivating the audience with her sweet smile, was once a popular face in advertisements and fiction. Monalisa has been living in the US for many years since taking a hiatus from the industry. After six long years, she has now returned to the country.

After her return, she is spending time with her mother. “It feels so good to return home to my mother after such a long time. This feeling cannot be expressed in words,” shared the actress.

Although she is well settled in the US, she didn’t forget her homeland. “I miss my country a lot – above everything comes my homeland.”

Since landing at Dhaka airport, Monalisa was delighted to see the changes in the surroundings. “It is amazing to see such beautiful changes. Everything looks so nice and developed.”

Before long, the actress disclosed she would be staying here for a long time. She is also supposed to act in several projects, “A few directors reached out to me before my return. However, I want to act in selective projects. I feel that the audience misses my work, and I also miss acting, thus I will try to participate in a few of the projects during my visit.”

Monalisa attended a programme at the InterContinental Dhaka a day before yesterday, where she met many colleagues and journalists. “I went there directly from the airport, and met many colleagues and journalists. It was great to meet them after so long,” she said.

In terms of things she missed, the actress said she longed for her mother’s cooking, especially chicken curry, “My mother cooked chicken curry for me, it was the first meal that I had after my return. She also cooked various bhortas and daals. I love Bengali cuisine.”

When asked about her thoughts on getting married, she replied, “For now I am happy with my career and busy with my work schedule. However, as a life partner, I want someone who will understand me. I don’t want to be treated as an actress but as a human being by my partner. If I find someone like that, I will think about it.”