Runa Laila’s ‘Ei Na Briddhashram’ to release on May 12

Publish: 8:41 PM, May 6, 2024 | Update: 8:41 PM, May 6, 2024

TBT REPORT : Renowned singer Runa Laila, known for her melodious voice over decades, is set to release a new song titled Ei Na Briddhashram on the upcoming International Mothers Day, May 12. This heartfelt song sheds light on the lives of abandoned mothers left behind by their children.

In a unique collaboration, Runa Laila has lent her voice to this special song alongside young musician Khairul Wasi, marking a rare and memorable partnership.

The music for Ei Na Briddhashram has been composed by Khairul Wasi, with Ripon Khan handling the music arrangement. Lyricist Al Amin Zammadar is taking charge of directing the music video, adding visual depth to the poignant message of the song.

Expressing their gratitude, both Khairul Wasi and Runa Laila shared their excitement about working together. Khairul Wasi expressed his privilege to sing alongside Runa maam, while Runa Laila appreciated the songs melody, blessing Khairul with her encouragement.

Al Amin Zammadar, the lyricist and director, emphasized the social responsibility behind the songs creation. He hopes that through Ei Na Briddhashram, listeners will not only enjoy the music but also understand and reflect on the important social message it carries.

The collaboration between Runa Laila and Khairul Wasi signifies a beautiful fusion of experience and fresh talent, bound together by a shared passion for music and a desire to make a positive impact through their art.

As the release of Ei Na Briddhashram approaches, anticipation grows for this touching tribute to mothers everywhere, reminding us of the importance of love, care, and empathy towards those who have given us so much.