19TH National Saaol Heart & Lifestyle Seminar by Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MD on 31st May

Publish: 9:47 PM, May 6, 2024 | Update: 9:47 PM, May 6, 2024

To promote a healthy heart and lifestyle, Dr. Bimal Chhajer, a world famous cardiologist and lifestyle specialist from India, have introduced SAAOL (Science And Art Of Living) treatment method in Bangladesh, under the leadership of poet Mohan Raihan, a poet of love, equality and revolution. “SAAOL Heart Center” provides permanent treatment for heart disease without stent or surgery through 132 branches worldwide. The Bangladesh branch of the international chain Heart Care Center, ‘SAAOL Heart Center (BD) Ltd.,’ has freed several hundred thousand people in the country from heart disease without surgery or medication.

Under the initiative of “SAAOL Heart Center (BD) Ltd.,” the 19th National SAAOL Heart and Lifestyle Seminar by Dr. Bimal Chhajer MD will be held on Friday, 31st May, 2024, at 8 am, at the premises adjacent to Baitul Mukarram in the National Sports Council’s ‘Shahid Sheikh Kamal Milonayatan’. In this context, on Sunday, 5th May, 2024, at 11 am, a press conference was held at ‘Kajol Milonayatan’ of SAAOL Heart Center (BD) Ltd. The chairman of SAAOL Heart Center (BD) Ltd., poet Mohan Raihan, said, “This national seminar will be the first seminar after corona. Before this, 18th national seminar took place in 2019 where people from various professions across the country, along with prominent members of society, participated in that seminar.”

The organization has made arrangements for free registration for the general public to attend the seminar, and registration can be done online or directly through three SAAOL three branch offices (Dhaka, Chattogram and Sylhet) with a payment of 2100 BDT. Registration has begun online from today, as informed by the authorities. The offline registration can be done at- Dhaka office: House #26, Eskaton Garden Road (behind Navy House) Mobile: 01744251222, 01777780851; Chattogram office: House #1054, Subarna Residential Area, Golpahar Mor. Mobile: 01777780861, 01777780862; Sylhet office: House #037900, Khayrun Bhavan (2nd floor), Mirbakshtula, Sylhet. Mobile: 01777780850, 01777780860. For online registration, please go to: https://getsetrock.com/ , For detail about seminar please visit: saaol.com.bd

The press conference was attended by former MP Nurul Islam Moni and convener of the Seminar committee; co-ordinator of Urban Health and former PD Abdul Hakim Majumdar, senior journalist and writer Abu Sayed Khan, former Health Secretary and writter Hossain Abdul Mannan, Publisher Osman Goni, public health expert Dr. Abu Jamil Faisal, president of TELEFAB Monowar Hossain Pathan, former SEVP of Mercantile Bank Ahsanul Haque Chowdhury Selim, Advocate Soheli Parveen Eti, etc. Detailed seminar program presented by poet Mohan Raihan, Chairman of Saaol Heart Center, Bangladesh.