Girlfriend arrested on BUET student Fardin’s murder

Publish: 3:12 PM, November 10, 2022 | Update: 3:12 PM, November 10, 2022
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Police arrested girlfriend Amatullah Bushra in connection with the murder of his boyfriend Fardin Noor Parash (24), a student at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). They arrested her on the charge of murder and body concealment.

She was arrested on Thursday morning from her home in Rampura, Dhaka.

Confirming the arrest, Motijheel Division Deputy Commissioner of Police (DC) Hayatul Islam Khan said police brought the arrested Bushra to Rampura police station for interrogation.

Before that, Fardin’s father Noor Uddin Rana filed a case against unknown persons including Fardin’s girlfriend Bushra on the charge of murder and body concealment.

Rafiqul Islam, the officer in charge (OC) of Rampura Thana, said the case was filed at 3:30 am on Thursday. BUET student Fardin’s father filed a murder case against unknown persons including Bushra.

Be noted, Fardin’s body was recovered from the Shitalakshya in Siddhirganj, Narayanganj on Monday (November 7) evening, three days after he went missing from Rampura area of ​​the capital on November 4.

It is known that Fardin and Bushra were in a love relationship for the last four years. They are also members of the same debating club. The girl is a student of the English Department at East West University. On the murder night, she returned home at 10:30 pm after wandering around outside.

Police already interrogated two of Fardin’s friends including Bushra and Sheersha Sangshapta.

Sheikh Farhad, resident medical officer of Narayanganj General Hospital, said after the post-mortem on Tuesday (November 8), “We found that Fardin’s head and chest were injured during the post-mortem. That injury is not of a sharp weapon although the marks of injury confirmed that it is a murder. Data and evidence have been sent to Mohakhali VCR for police demand and further information. After getting a report from there, it can be confirmed.”

Fardeen’s father Noor Uddin Rana is the editor and publisher of the business newspaper ‘The Riverine’. He has been a journalist for 45 years. His mother Farhana Yasmin is a housewife. Their home is at Nayamati of Fatulla Upazila in Narayanganj.

Fardin was the eldest of three brothers. His immediate younger brother Abdullah Noor is studying at a private university in Dhaka and the youngest one, Tamim Noor, gave the SSC exam this year.

Fardeen’s maternal uncle Khan Selimuzzaman said, “We think this is a planned murder. Law and order forces should find out who is behind this by proper investigation.”

Meanwhile, even after three days of the murder, police are still unable to reveal the mystery of the incident. Multiple units including police, intelligence unit, elite force RAB and CID are working to solve the mystery. Already hundreds of CCTV footage from different areas are being analyzed. The police are also working to identify Fardin’s last location by watching the footage and using technology.

According to the intelligence sources, Fardin’s murder has been done by someone of his opponents (if it was a murder). The murderer is very smart with technology and he carefully evaded everything that can be traced by police.

Besides, the probability of his suicide has not been overseen. An investigation is also going on about whether someone killed Fardeen and threw him into the river or he committed suicide. Police are also investigating how he went to Keraniganj.

Police say no matter how smart the murderer is, those involved in the murder will be identified and brought under the law. An investigation is progressing rapidly considering certain aspects in identifying the murderer(s).

Fardin’s body was buried on Tuesday evening (November 8) in the presence of his family members at Deulpara Central Cemetery in Fatulla, Narayanganj.