Freelancing paves the way for the youth to get rid of poverty

Publish: 9:15 PM, September 28, 2022 | Update: 9:15:PM, September 28, 2022

Azam Parvez : Sayem Academy is earning revenue by freelancing on the internet or working for various foreign organizations in the Grand Hotel Mor area of Rangpur city. The founder of this academy is a young man named Abu Sayem. Not only this young man, but many people in the area are training in freelancing in this institution. He has given this training to hundreds of young women online during the Covid-19 pandemic. By walking the path shown by him, more than a thousand young people of the area have become independent. And with this training, many people are now earning 70 to 80 thousand taka per month. Sayem’s own annual income is close to 10 lakh taka.

This young man was born in Dola Para of Alambiditar Union in Gangachra area of Rangpur. He is the fifth child of Abdul Awal. His father was the imam of a local mosque. Mother Arjina Begum is a housewife. They have a family of four sisters and two brothers. Suddenly one day his father died. And after his father’s death, his whole family was very concerned about their day to day activities. That’s when he turned to the internet with the desire to do something. Sayem started to get the idea of freelancing by visiting various sites including Google and YouTube on his mobile phone.

Sayem claims that he started freelancing on the Internet in 2016. The initial experience was not very good. In a secluded village, he started a freelancing training center in his own name with lots of dreams. At that time the number of trainees was only 5 people. Due to network problems and low number of trainees, Sayem is a bit stymied. But Sayem did not give up. Later, Abu Sayem was admitted to Rangpur Engineering College.

He moved to Rangpur city in one year to study. And that’s when he started the Sayem Academy along with the Grand Hotel Morro. From then on he never looked back. After six long years of hard work, he is now successful. He is currently studying in the seventh semester of computer science. He passed the SSC exam in 2013 with GPA-4.31 from the science department. In 2015, his HSC result from the science department was GPA-3.50. Aiming to freelancing without any mentors, Saim wanted to pursue a career in teaching as a post-graduation job.

Freelancer Abu Sayem said, “we are two brothers and four sisters in the family. Meanwhile, my responsibility is a little more. Along with studies, freelancing has opened up my income avenues. Now the monthly income is close to lakhs. But at the end of the year, I am earning about 10 lakhs. I am taking care of my family and my younger brother’s education from my freelancing income. I have already married my sister. I also bought five decimals of land in Gangachara.

This young man expressed his interest in playing a role in eliminating unemployment. He also said that unemployment is a curse. I want the children of this generation to learn freelancing. Freelancing should be taken advantage of if you want to do something along with your studies instead of just studying. If you can work 8-10 hours a day freelancing, it is possible to beat unemployment.”

Now in addition to the city, Sayem has started teaching freelancing again to the youth of his own village. He has also built two freelancing training centers in his own name in Rangpur divisional city. From here, the youth are getting excited about outsourcing various mediums including Affiliate Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Lead Generation, CPA Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

At present, fifty students are undergoing training on freelancing or outsourcing at Sayem Academy. And in the last six years, four hundred and fifty students have received training on freelancing at its training center. More than one thousand and five hundred young people have started working. Many of whom have now become subalterns.

Rashed Khan Milon, after completing his diploma studies from Nilphamari Government Technical and College, he is now working in Sayem Academy. Rumman Khandkar said, “I have taken training on freelancing at Saim Academy. Now freelancing on my own. 8 to 10 thousand income per month.”

Samiul Islam, son of Abdul Ghafoor of Sayrabari village, Alambiditar, Gangachara Upazila, has taken freelancing training from Sayem Academy. He said, “I am studying for my diploma. Also doing freelancing. 10-12 thousand taka a month is being earned even after living in the city.”

Nandi Das of Shyampur said, “I am studying in the second year of my bachelor’s degree. And I am working in SayemAcademy. I earn about 20 thousand taka per month.”

Meanwhile, the computer and science department of Begum Rokeya University welcomed the entrepreneur Abu Sayem. The head of the department,  Mizanur Rahman said, if someone is associated with freelancing while a student this will be an additional income stream for him. Now a large section of youth is learning freelancing. Corona may later show the light of hope to these freelancing unemployed youth.