Blogger, digital creator and influencer Ariyan Jibon is now a YouTuber

Publish: 9:07 PM, October 6, 2022 | Update: 9:07 PM, October 6, 2022

Ariyan Jibon is now known as a popular TikToker, influencer, blogger and digital creator and YouTuber. He has already become quite popular through TikTok. He and his wife Farjana Tabassum Jakiya have now gained popularity as a romantic couple by making Tiktok couple videos. They already have more than 600K followers on their official TikTok account named Ariyan Jibon. Ariyan Jibon says I make TikTok videos along with my police job. At first I just made videos as a hobby, but slowly the videos started going viral, and I started making videos too.

Ariyan Jibon also said, I could not have thought that in such a short time I would have so many followers and would get so much popularity. I am working as a digital creator, influencer along with TikTok. In the future, you will get regular videos on my official YouTube channel. Ariyan Jibon said, I have opened a new YouTube channel, it will take some time to upload videos regularly on the YouTube channel. Ariyan Jibon said that he will make regular blog videos on YouTube channel.

What Ariyan Jibon said about influencer marketing, influencer marketing is sharing any product or service of others on your social profile or account. To be more detailed, there are many of us who have a lot of followers on social media And what they share or post on their accountIt reaches many people easily So now many companies or individuals use these popular accounts to promote their products or services. This is called influencer marketing
For example, there are many TikTok celebrities in our country who have 5 to 6 million fan followers. And they all do influencer marketing When you watch their videos, there are many videos where they make videos with different dresses, jewelry, shoes etc. at different times andMention the company name in their video description Because dress, jewelry, shoe companies sponsor them Because they are influencers.