The Story Of A Toriqul Successful Entrepreneur In Bangladesh

Publish: 4:56 PM, September 1, 2022 | Update: 4:56 PM, September 1, 2022

Toriqul Islam Tusher is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur. Toriqul started his career in Internet Digital Marketing At a very young age, he started working in Short Story Writing. Toriqul is also an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He is an entrepreneur also who has made a big name on social media.

Now his monthly income is more than several million. Not only is he making money himself, but Tusher has also paved the way for unemployed youths to earn through freelance training. Now apart from his own freelance business, Toriqul has started teaching the youth of his village on a freelance basis. He built a freelancing training center (Learn Freelancing with Tusher) in Pirganj Upazila of Rangpur in his own name. Toriqul Islam Tusher also has an online Facebook page name “Toriqul Islam Tusher” and a YouTube channel called “Learn Freelancing with Tusher”. He provides advice on various aspects of freelancing by taking live courses there. From here, young people get excited about various outsourcing media including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing. So far, he has been able to train 50 people in his neighborhood and more than 300 unemployed youth freelancers through online courses.

Toriqul Islam Tusher is a well-known name in the digital marketing industry in Bangladesh. Toriqul, who was born and brought up in Pirganj, Rangpur District, Bangladesh, has been a fan of the Internet since childhood. After completing his high school education, he took writing and instruction courses and received computer training in this field. According to him, a big problem for young people is client management. And many don’t do it properly To overcome this problem, one must be able to Client communicate in English. If a person joins freelancing as a student, it will be another source of income for them. When it comes to freelancing qualifications, Tusher said applicants must first obtain an academic degree. Second, get educated about the work you want to do in the freelancing profession. If it’s illustration or web development or digital marketing, you need to educate yourself in that subject. Toriqul said freelancing is not a shortcut to becoming a big man overnight. Only a person can grow through hard work. When people see me living in luxury, they assume I have it easy, but the truth is I work hard. As we all know, nothing comes easy and we have to face many difficulties and many obstacles on the way to success. But his determination will power and passion to do something in the music industry led him to make a place for himself in the glam world. According to Toriqul Islam Tusher “There is no secret to the success of freelancing and development because I believe that only one person can grow through hard work. When people see me living in luxury, they assume I have it easy, but the truth is I work hard during the day. I mean study hard and network when most people maintain their status and comfort. “Toriqul started his career as a has now made his mark as a Digital Marketing. It was always followed by a statement that said, Patience and courage are around.

Toriqul added that when something memorable happens in your life, it changes your goal, path and thoughts. I went through difficult situations that inspired me to write and share with people.

Apart from being a fantastic poet and writer, Toriqul Islam Tusher is a musical artist who mesmerizes people with his art which has earned him, even more, name and recognition.

Toriqul Finally as an entrepreneur I would like to take my Freelancing to the next level by joining the official YouTube channel and Facebook name (Toriqul Islam Tusher).

Thank you for starting Youtube. Everyone will be praying for my health so that I can continue to provide you with better internet marketing. Best wishes and much love to all.

Tusher said that the youth of Bangladesh are doing very well in freelancing, and the global financial transaction platform Pioneers Global Gig Economy Index has been published in the influential US magazine Forbes. It can be seen that the position of Bangladesh in the freelance market in the world is eighth. This is possible only through the hard work and dedication of the freelancers.