Saney’s ‘Unique Brothers Ltd’ creating buzz in the town

Publish: 8:01 PM, November 25, 2021 | Update: 8:01:PM, November 25, 2021

With 1.15M followers on YouTube, Unique Brothers Ltd is one of the leading YouTube channels of Bangladesh right now and the main person behind is the famous YouTuber of recent times Durjoy Ahammed Saney.

Durjoy was born and brought up in Keraniganj. He was born in 1999 and in 2017 after passing out from school and college, he took his first step towards YouTube. He first bought a digital camera as a hobby in photography. But then watching various contents of YouTube inspired him to do something new, and that was the start of his journey on YouTube and the start of Unique Brothers Ltd on YouTube.

Durjoy now is one of the top ten YouTubers of Bangladesh with millions of followers on Facebook and YouTube. His amazing comic videos and contents different from other general videos made people watch them more and more. But the journey was not that easy at all and he didn’t get famous overnight. The videos he made didn’t really get much response at the begining. It took time for people to watch his videos and enjoy them.

Durjoy said in an interview that at first, it used to make him really sad as he used to work so much but didn’t get a response from people. But he didn’t lose hope and had belief in himself. And soon the different and enjoyable contents of his channel attracted the audience and the channel is now one of the leading YouTube channels.

After his channel Unique Brothers Ltd touched the milestone of million subscribers, he got the Silver and Golden Play button from YouTube with a verified sign. Durjoy says he loves making the contents for people and it gives him happiness. He is thankful to his family and friends for always encouraging him and staying by his side.

Durjoy Saney is a great inspiration for young content makers nowadays. He encourages everyone to focus on their creativity and work on them and also tells them to believe in themselves. It was his belief in himself and his contents that led Durjoy to go forward in life and his works. Durjoy wants to keep making videos in the future for his followers who love his content. He also cherishes the dream of working on the big screen someday.