New curricula in schools, colleges from 2023 : Dipu Moni

Publish: 9:52 PM, September 13, 2021 | Update: 9:52:PM, September 13, 2021

Asraful Islam Asraf
Education Minister Dipu Moni on Monday said the government has decided to introduce new curricula in schools and colleges from 2023, removing the divisions of science, arts and commerce up to class X. She made the remarks at a press conference at the ministry’s conference room at noon on Monday. The education minister said the piloting of the revised curriculum will continue in 2022 and the implementation of the curriculum will start from 2023. Primary and secondary level curriculum will be implemented in phases by 2025. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has approved the draft curriculum.

The minister said major reforms are coming in the education system from primary to secondary. There will be an integrated curriculum at this stage. She said, 10 subjects have been fixed till class ten. Everyone will read that.

Students will read optional subjects in class XI and XII. That means Science, humanities and commerce will be divided from high school.
Dipu Moni said that various strategies for acquiring skills are mentioned in this revised curriculum. It is said how much will be in the primary and how much will be in the middle while learning. We have focused on continuous evaluation as well as collective evaluation. We have shared where, at what stage there will be continuous evaluation.

The outline of which issues will be evaluated in total is given in the outline. Flexibility has been introduced in the curriculum. Arrangements have been made to bring all the physical, mental, disadvantaged and marginal students.

Regarding the implementation of the curriculum, she said, “We will be able to start the implementation of the revised new curriculum in 2023.” In 2023, it will be introduced in the second class of primary and in the sixth and seventh class of secondary.

In 2024, third and fourth class of primary and eighth and ninth class we will do that. In 2025, we will implement it in the fifth grade and in the tenth grade of secondary.

Deputy Minister for education Mahibul Hasan Nawfel, Secretary of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education Mahbub Hossain and Technical and Madrasa Education Secretary Aminul Islam were also present at the press conference.