Alamgir’s condition stable, family dispels death rumours

Publish: 8:43 PM, April 27, 2021 | Update: 8:43:PM, April 27, 2021

Alamgir is a Bangladeshi popular film actor and television host. He won Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actor and Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor a record nine times for his roles.

This Renowned film actor was hospitalised after contracting Covid-19 earlier this month. His condition is now stable. However, news of his death has been going around on social media since Sunday night. His family took the step to clarify everything and dispel all rumours.

The noted actor’s daughter, popular singer Akhi Alamgir asked people to act reasonably. She said, “My father is doing much better than before. His condition is improving with the treatment by doctors. I do not understand why people are spreading baseless information.

Is this really the time to spread rumours?” Alamgir’s wife, legendary singer Runa Laila shared in a Facebook post, “Alamgir and we as a family, are deeply shocked at the way some unscrupulous and vindictive persons are spreading totally baseless and false news about him. We cannot understand the reason behind spreading such malicious news other than gaining some notoriety and for the sake of sensationalism.”