Child-friendly education atmosphere stressed

Publish: 9:06 PM, July 15, 2020 | Update: 9:06 PM, July 15, 2020

RAJSHAHI,– Speakers at a prize-giving ceremony urged the teachers and others concerned to ensure a child-friendly education atmosphere for physical and mental development of the children properly.

Terming the children learning as the foundation of all higher education, they said the teaching and learning process must be effective and kids-friendly.

They made the observation while giving prizes to 44 underprivileged students who attained brilliant results in last PEC, JSC and SSC examinations.

Women Organisation for Social Welfare (LOFS) organised the ceremony at its office here Tuesday in association with Children Education and Awareness Programme and Bangladesh NGO Foundation.

LOFS Executive Director Shahnaj Parveen, Legal Adviser Advocate Shahinul Haque, Executive Member Advocate Nusrat Mehjabeen and Programme Manager Muhammad Salahuddin attended and addressed the distribution programme.

The speakers mentioned that today’s children are the future generation of the nation so they should be built as competent enriched with moral and social values.

They said many of the children became trackless due to lack of proper education and learning based on principle and discipline and ultimately they became a burden of the society.

So, the children from their boyhood should be brought up through enriching them with social and moral values so that they could contribute to the nation’s betterment in the days ahead.

“We have no way but to make the kids fit for the current challenging society,” said Shahnaj Parveen, adding that all concerned including teachers, guardians and near and dear ones should be attentive in this regard.