RU teachers demand investigation of all corruption



Publish: 6:33 PM, January 26, 2020 | Update: 6:33:PM, January 26, 2020
Photo: TBT

 Mujahid Hossain, RU Correspondent: A human chain was formed in Rajshahi University (RU) demanding the investigation and prosecution of all forms of corruption including the corruption of Martyred Intellectual Monument construction, the contempt of the father of the nation and the 10 crore corruption in purchasing guest house in Dhaka.

Over 180 teachers under the banner of ‘Muktijuddher Chetona O Mullabodhe   Biswashi Progatishil Shikkhak Samaj’ formed the chain in front of  Shahid Tajuddin Ahmad Senate Bhaban in the university at around 12pm on Sunday.

Professor M Mozibur Rahman, convener of the organization said  “During the last administration, we know about corruption on purchasing of guest house in Dhaka. Crores of corruption were committed during the last time administration. Whose investigation is still under process.

Due to lack of guest houses, teachers of RU faced many difficulties in staying in Dhaka. Corruption has also been committed in the construction work of of the Martyred Intellectuals’ Monument. The image of the father of the nation Bangabandhu  has been distorted on the monument which is extremely insulting for the whole session, he also said.

Prof. Chittaranjan Mishra of history department, said that “Those who committed corruption in the previous administration are now forming different movement to hide their own corruption. A group of teachers are attempting to establish themselves throughout the country using the name ‘Progatishil Shikkhak Samaj’. There are numerous allegations of corruption against them. We will stand against all sorts of corruption.”

Speakers at the chain demanded the investigation and prosecution of all forms of corruption which was committed by the previous administration.