Demo resume at JU



Publish: 8:51 PM, December 5, 2019 | Update: 8:51:PM, December 5, 2019

Shahadat Sumon, JU correspondent: Jahangirnagar University (JU) has been reopened after a long shutdown and the protesters resumes their VC removal movement at the campus as before.

In this regard, on Thursday (December 5) they staged a protest march from the university`s Murad Chattar area and ended at `Battala` area with a short rally after parading the important roads of the campus

Addressing the rally, Professor Anoyarullah Bhuiyan of Philosophy department said, “On November 5, the BCL carried out a brutal attack on our logical movement. This vice-chancellor’s corruption is getting longer. We also want to see the ‘zero tolerance’ policy of govt. against the JU VC`s corruption.”

Former acting president of the Jahangirnagar Cultural Alliance, Mushfiq Us Salehin, said, “JU authority has reopens the campus and has taken initiative to recapture the academic and administrative works which is a victory for the students. The Vice-Chancellor launched an attack on us just over a month ago by raiding the BCL terrorists. If anyone provoked on our peaceful movement, Jahangirnagar will roaring again.”

Meanwhile, according to the decision of the Syndicate meeting yesterday, all the residential halls of the university were opened at 10am on Thursday. Therefore, the students have started to return at the campus with a view to attend their regular classes and exam which will have to be started from Sunday.

After the rally, the spokesman of the movement Prof. Rayhan Rhyne, said “The ledger of corruption of JU VC will be disclose in front of the people as a booklet on next December 10. We have found more information about the vice chancellor`s corruption and that’s why we have delayed to publish it.”

Reason behind the JU closure:

Students and teachers of Jahangirnagar University have been demonstrating on the campus under the banner of “Jahangirnagar against Corruption,” demanding VC Farzana’s resignation on allegations of corruption.

Then protesters laid a siege to the VC’s residence demanding her removal on November 3. On November 5, the protesting students and teachers were attacked by the leaders and activists of BCL led by JU unit President Jewel Rana. Centring the issue, university administration has decided to vacate the dormitories to avoid unexpected collision between those two groups. On November 7, the university banned all kinds of processions and rallies at the campus. The university has been inactive for about a month.

During vacation, teachers and students urged to opened the hall and to ensure the normal environment of the university to bring.