Not views, I want the love of the audience – Singer Apon

Publish: 8:55 PM, October 15, 2023 | Update: 8:55 PM, October 15, 2023

This young, promising musician of this generation is Ishrak Alim Apon. Came into this world by loving music. Taking hands-on music lessons from a music teacher at home. This is how the journey started at a young age. That little Apon has passed his childhood and has become a teenager. Apon has always said “ I don’t believe in views, I want the love of the audience. I want to make a place in their hearts with my voice. Many of my songs have millions of views. “ Along with regular studies, Apon continues to practice music at the same pace. His mother Saida Kolim is his biggest supporter in his singing career. It’s not that his father Alimullah doesn’t give any support, but his father’s strict instruction is to study first and then do anything else.
Father’s rule, mother’s love is the reason for his position today. He was born in Montreal, Canada in May 2006. His older brother Ador and his mother Saida Kokim have been living in Bangladesh since 2011. This is his last year in Bangladesh. He is currently studying in Canadian International School. He is in grade 12 and will finish school by June 2024. He is then aiming to go back to Canada for his university. Apon, who made his playback debut in the movie Sajni, has play backed two songs in the upcoming movie Moyna. Songs for Mashrafe and Home Minister Asaduzzaman Kamal Khan’s election songs were sang by Apon. Election songs for Mayor Atiq and Taposh were also sung by Apon. His song “Amar Man Pakhi” was released last Saturday on BD29 Multimedia’s YouTube channel. The song is written by Jasim Uddin Akash, composed by FA Pritam, music by N Farhad. Apon started as a child artist. He has numerous songs that are in the market. Among them, his song “ Maa “ has crossed 22 million views, “ Mashrafe Mashrafe “ has about 1.8 million views, his Mashup has about 4 million views, and “ Bongobondhu Tumi Jatir Pita “ has crossed 250 thousand views. He also made two music videos titled “Queen” and “We Are My Best Friend” with his own English lyrics, which became very popular. His YouTube channel currently has 132 thousand subscribers. The hard work of music artist FA Pritam isn’t any less in Apon’s success today.