Alif Chowdhury on the big screen for the first time

Publish: 7:50 PM, March 5, 2023 | Update: 7:50:PM, March 5, 2023

Alif Chowdhury is going to work on the big screen for the first time in Football 71. Start with advertising. Alif Chowdhury is working in Drama and fiction .He is making his debut on the big screen with ‘Football 71’, which is a weapon of faith. Executive Alif Chowdhury said, ‘I like character and story.The story of this movie is set in the background of 1971. you well It’s a really different feeling to be able to work on a story of that period. And to be able to work with a genius like Anam Biswas.Alif Chowdhury will be seen in the role of Salahuddin in the role of a group of self-defense in 1971.Shadin Bangla is made using the discovered images and glorious history of features .Arfin Shubo,Nusrat fariya,Azad Abul Kalam, Shatabdi Wadud,Rezwaan Parvez, Iran Sajad, Sharif Siraj etc. in the lead roles.