JCI Bangladesh Mezban & Inauguration Held

Publish: 3:24 PM, January 23, 2023 | Update: 3:24:PM, January 23, 2023

The international volunteering organization Junior Chamber International (JCI) Bangladesh organized the ‘Presidential Mezban and Family Day Out’ following previous years. In this grand event, the opening ceremony of the JCI Bangladesh National Committee and the local presidents also took place.

On Saturday (January 21st), about 5,000 members and guests of the organization gathered in this massive day-long meeting at Greenville Outdoor, adjacent to Madani Road in the capital.

JCI Bangladesh National President Ziaul Haque presided over the event. JCI Bangladesh National Committee members and local chapter presidents also participated in it.

Regarding the event, JCI Bangladesh President Ziaul Haque said, “Every year, we organize Presidential Mezban and Family Day Out. Keeping the legacy on, we successfully conducted it this year but on a scale almost twice as large as before. This is the biggest event of JCI Bangladesh so far. It aims to provide a little joy in the mechanical life of all our members and families.

This successful entrepreneur also mentioned, ‘JCI Bangladesh has been working for the multifaceted development of youth. Various programs and massive events are mainly organized to make them efficient in leadership and increase cordiality among members.

Niaz Morshed Elite, founder and general secretary of JCI Bangladesh Foundation, said, “JCI Bangladesh is the largest youth organization in our country.” This school of young entrepreneurs and leaders is growing day by day. I wish the organization continued success.

The event has been conducted through various exciting arrangements. The day-long event has been designed with several parts. From morning to afternoon, various sports activities have been organized for the members of JCI Bangladesh. Also, a diverse range of traditional and cultural foods of the Chittagong region have been served to the members.

The cultural program started after Mezban, where the members of the 35 chapters of the organization were seen keeping everyone entertained with various entertaining activities, including songs, dances, and recitations.

However, the biggest attraction of this event was the inauguration ceremony of the 2023 National Committee of JCI Bangladesh. Each member of the National Committee was introduced in front of all the members. At the same time, the whole year plan of the organization was presented.

JCI Bangladesh National Secretary General M Kamrul Islam Chowdhury was the event director, and National Vice President Shaan Shahed was the event convener. National Vice President Arefeen Raafi Ahmed and National Vice President Azazul Hasan Khan worked as co-conveners.

Finally, an attractive raffle draw has been arranged for the members.

Note that JCI is an international organization of young citizens aged 18 to 40. JCI Bangladesh is playing a special role in Bangladesh in order to build a quality society. Now this organization has more than 400,000 active members in more than 120 countries.