Finding Faithful Partners Made Easy: Matrimonial Breakthrough

Publish: 7:53 PM, March 20, 2024 | Update: 7:53 PM, March 20, 2024

Let’s say you’re looking for a bride for a wedding. You want the bride to pray five times a day, wear a veil, and be mindful of religion in addition to her beauty or education. Or consider yourself to be such a bride. You wish to wed a man whose career will suit you as well as the one who prays five times a day, keeps his beard maintaining sunnah, and is trustworthy. In essence, you are looking for a life companion who is truly religious. How do you learn? Local matchmakers used to work for ages in matchmaking. But in this technological era, people are using recently developed matrimonial websites. However, until 2021 there was no matrimonial website in Bangladesh for one community devoted Muslims. Conventional approaches are not always successful, and traditional matrimonial services are not successful either, especially for generally educated individuals who want to follow Islam wholeheartedly. To fill this need, engineer Md. Emranul Haque Shuvo intends to launch a matrimonial website in the middle of 2020 that is only for practicing Muslims. Abdullah Al Papon, a web developer, joined him as a partner on this project. Following their laborious efforts, the two established “” on January 1, 2021. This website is so named because in the hadith, marriage is compared to half of the deen (religion). OrdhekDeen rapidly gained acceptance among pious Muslims. In 2021, the first year of its journey, thousands of matrimonial profiles were gathered, resulting in 279 marriages. The following year, 758 weddings were consummated, and in 2023, there were 592 weddings celebrated. Through the OrdhekDeen website, more than 1700 marriages have been completed by February 26, 2024. The website administrators further stated that after gathering the details of each marriage, OrdhekDeen’s official Facebook page posts success stories, which are officially reported by the bride and groom or other family members. OrdhekDeen’s office is located in the City Corporation Area of the Mymensingh District. Abdullah Al Papon serves as the company’s managing director and Md. Emranul Haque Shuvo is its chief executive officer. Six executives work in various capacities to manage the general operations of the website as well as to provide customer service and other services. Md. Emranul Haque Shuvo, the organization’s CEO, stated, Our goal is to make it simple to discover a religious match through the use of advanced technology. We are currently working on behalf of Bangladesh’s devout Muslims practicing Islam truly. We hope to work for Muslims around the world in the future and seek Allah Ta’ala’s assistance in doing so. He added that no outside investors were taken to manage the finances of the website OrdhekDeen. No donations or bank loans were accepted; the group solely relies on its own resources to fund all operations. Devoted Muslims can post their biodata for free and search for potential matches using an upazila filter. However, you may obtain the parent’s contact information for just Tk 100 if you prefer a certain biodata. The reason this website is so well-liked is because parents may be contacted directly and inexpensively without any 3rd party. As OrdhekDeen continues to expand its user base, the biodata database will grow. This growth aims to make it easier to find religious partners, with the hope of increasing the number of marriages, by the will of Allah.