Conspiracies to be there, but I don’t care, says PM

Publish: 3:44 PM, October 3, 2018 | Update: 3:44:PM, October 3, 2018

DHAKA : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said conspiracies over elections were there and will be there in the future but she does not care about it at all.
“I know, conspiracies were there and would be there, but I don’t care,” she said while replying to a question at a press conference at her official residence Ganobhaban.
The press conference was arranged to brief journalists about the outcome of her recent weeklong visit to the United States to attend the 73rd UN General Assembly.
Replying to a question over the Digital Security Bill, Sheikh Hasina said journalists who do not provide false news need not to be worried over the recently passed Digital Security Bill, 2018.
“If anybody doesn’t have any criminal mindset or any plan to commit any offence in future then there’s nothing for him to be worried about,” she said.
There is nothing here (in the bill) for a journalist to be worried who will not commit any offence or falsely blame anyone and mislead people with false information, she said.
The Prime Minister said the government examined relevant laws of different countries before formulation of the law.
Responding to a question regarding a recent Facebook post of cricketer Liton Das on the occasion of Durga Puja and its subsequent removal following harsh criticisms by a section of people, Hasina said the government has taken a move to enact the Digital Security Act to deal with such incidents.
“I don’t know who wrote those and why, but Bangladesh believes in non-communal attitude and we (Awami League) do the politics of no-communalism,” she said.
Hasina also mentioned that those who are involved in spreading communalism and those are perverted have no principle.
The Prime Minister urged all to come forward and become more cautious to prevent these and requested the journalists to play more active role in this regard.
Replying to another question, Sheikh Hasina hoped that all political parties will join the upcoming national election and if any party does not do that will be its own decision.
“So many political parties are there [in the country]. It’s their own party decision which parties would join the polls and which won’t. I hope all the parties will participate in the election,” she said.
The Prime Minister said the AL government is in power for the last 10 years and has carried many development activities. “I want to remind the party leaders and activists that this does not mean the party will return to power automatically in the next election… Bangladesh is not that type of place.

Had Bangladesh been more developed and civilised one then this would have happened.”
New Alliance
Asked about the ‘Greater Unity’, Sheikh Hasina said, “I’m happy that an alliance is being forged. I’m ready to extend any type of help they need.”
The Prime Minister, however, said there are two alliances in Bangladesh-one is Awami League and another is Anti-Awami League. “The anti-Awami Leaguers will have to go to somewhere and they need a platform.” An alliance is in the offing, and big shots and good people are there. This is good for elections. So, I welcome them.”
About the much-talked about Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), the Prime Minister said, “I’ve no problem with the EVM. I’m, in fact, in favour of the EVM. We’ve already modernised the election system. Now it’s Digital Bangladesh. If people can make transactions through mobile phones what is the problem in casting votes through machines? There should be a system so that you can cast your vote through your mobile phone set, and then will not need to go to the polling station.”
Sheikh Hasina said, “You need to understand that we want EVM as Ecnec passed the EVM project. People have elected us and we’ve the trust in them. So, we’ve been working to ensure the voting rights of people.”
Rohingya Issue
Replying to a question over Rohingya issue, she said the global community is putting pressure on Myanmar to take Rohingyas back to their homeland.
“All are worried over the issue. All countries are creating pressure on Myanmar to take the Rohingyas back,” the Prime Minister told the journalists.
She said Myanmar has already decided to take back some Rohingyas as per the agreement signed with Bangladesh.
“Now discussion is on over it. Bangladesh has constructed houses and other infrastructure at Bhasanchar to ensure a better environment for them. I’ll visit Bhasanchar soon.”
Replying to a question over government’s plan for the local community who have been affected by the huge Rohingya influx, she said the government is providing assistance to local residents alongside the Rohingyas and international agencies are also helping the local communities, she said.