From a desk towards an institution: Ebne Hasan Khan

Publish: 10:24 AM, October 12, 2021 | Update: 10:24:AM, October 12, 2021

Renowned Bangladeshi producer and businessman Ebne Hasan Khan born on March 7 in Dhaka. He was born in an aristocratic Muslim family.

Ebne Hasan Khan is the fourth of six children of Md. Ataur Rahman Khan and Rabiya Akter Khan. He had an intense desire for work since childhood. Dreamed of doing something new.

To fulfill that dream, he started working as a marketing executive for Impress Telefilm Limited in 1999. From there his journey began. He has gone through all the steps one by one and is currently working as the Director (Sales and Marketing) of Impress Telefilm and Channel i.

With his hand, radical changes took place in the media world of Bangladesh. Hundreds of Bengali films have been made under the banner of Impress Telefilm.

Ebne Hasan Khan’s contribution is behind the investment of most of the Impress Tele film’s movie of this century. Just when the investors turned their backs on the Bengali film revolution, Impress as well as Ebne Hasan Khan stood by them with an unmistakable face.

Ebne Hasan Khan worked as a producer in the film like Mrittikar Maya (2013), Laltip (2012), Dub Sagar (2010), Gahine Shabdo (2010), Daruchini Dip (2006) and Subha (2006).

Each film has established itself separately genre in Bengali films. Received various awards including equal audience popularity and the country’s highest honor National Film Award.

As a co-producer, his films Alpha (2019), Kaler Putul (2016), Jalal er golpo (2014), Shiri Farhad (2013) were widely acclaimed by the audience and critics.

He has also invested as an executive producer in films including Iti, Tomarai Dhaka (2016), Khacha (2016), Ajnatanama (2017), Third Person Singular Number (2009), Amar Ache Jol (2007). Every film produced by Impress Telefilm as well as Ebne Hasan Khan is commercial success, popular and critically acclaimed.

Since 2010, he has been managing one of the country’s leading TV channel, Channel I and Impress Telefilm. He is currently the Vice Chairman of country’s leading advertising firm and agency Like Havas Group Bangladesh, Havas i Positive Bangladesh, Havas Digital Media Bangladesh, Havas Export & Import Dhaka and Chairman & Managing Director of Beyond Media Limited Dhaka.

Ebne Hasan Khan received several Awards for his work. Some of are: Cultural Reporters Award, Bangladesh Film Festival 2004, Film Award 2005, Avanca’15 Best Film Award, Bangladesh Film Festival 2017.

He is the Vice president of Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF), Member of Advisory Council of Television and Digital Producers Association in Bangladesh, Executive Member of Bangladesh Film Producers and Distributors Association, Associate Member of Bangladesh Film Directors Association.