Muhtasim receives Indian Book of Records award

Publish: 9:51 PM, June 15, 2021 | Update: 9:51:PM, June 15, 2021

M Khorshed Alam
Muhtasim Abshad Jisan was given the ‘Indian Humanitarian Award’ by the Indian Book of Records for his bravery in coping and facing the Covid-19 pandemic. The award was presented to him through a virtual conference on June 6.

He is the only person from Bangladesh to receive this award in the Indian Book of Records. The award is presented through a virtual ceremony due to the global epidemic. On December 8, 2018, some visionary youth started the social organization “Cholo Sapna Chui”. However, at other times, from the beginning of the Covid-19, the founders and associates of “Cholo Shopno Chui” started working in the front line.

Although they started with relief activities, they distributed disinfectant sprays all over the city to raise public awareness about the situation, drawing safety charts at safe distances in front of various organizations shops, posting graffiti etc. as well as regular masks, sanitizers, hand washes etc. among pedestrians to raise public health awareness.

They distributed about 27,000 masks in the COVID situation with the help of “Karuponno”. The organization also distributed free sanitary napkins, placing sanitary napkin boxes in restaurant washrooms as well as ran medical campaign to ensure people’s health care.

Muhtasim Abshad Jisan’s family hailed from Natabari village of Tambulpur union in Pirgacha, Rangpur. He is currently studying in the first year of Environmental Science Discipline at Khulna University. Till date he has received numerous awards including National Corona Warrior Award, Human Rights Nobel Award-2021, WAC Icon Award-2021, WAC Star Award-2021, and Youth Icon Award. He is also actively involved with Leo Club of Durbar Bangladesh, Dhrubatara Youth Development Foundation, Youth for Climate Action Project, Access to Human Rights Int’l, Volunteers for Bangladesh, Youth Club of Bangladesh.

Muhtasim Abshad Jisan said, “I study in a public university. We study with the tax money paid by the general people. Socially we have a responsibility, even if it is from that responsibility, we should all come forward in these social activities, and we should stand by the side of helpless people. I am able to highlight Bangladesh through my work in the international arena. I am representing the country in various projects in the world. In my 9 years of volunteer experience, I have received a lot of respect, prayers and love from many people.

God willing, this new acquisition will also increase the desire for work. The goal of our work is to fulfill the dreams of the disadvantaged sections of the society. We are working to fulfill the dreams of helpless people. Numerous people of the society have benefited from our initiative. Everyone will pray for me in the future so that I can stand by people like this.”