Eid’s popular drama Kajal Arefin Ome’s ‘Mask’



Publish: 4:36 PM, August 4, 2020 | Update: 4:36:PM, August 4, 2020

Eid-ul-Azha special drama ‘Mask’. The play is directed by Kajal Arefin Ami and produced by Masudul Hasan. The play was released the day after Eid on the YouTube channel of Motion Rock Entertainment.

‘Mask’ has become the center of interest among netizens since its publication. More than 1 million people watched the play in just 24 hours. Which is still the first of the plays published on Eid. The play stars Ziaul Haque Palash, Tasnia Farin, Chashi Alam, Marjuk Russell, Mukit Zakaria, Musafir and others.

Talking to Kajal Arefin Amir on his mobile phone, he said, “The story of Mask is a bit of a dark comedy.” I always want to entertain my audience through my work. If at the end of a hundred days of busyness someone is a little entertained watching my drama, that is my selfishness as a producer. I am getting a lot of response from the audience after the release of the play. There must be discussion and criticism. Criticism must be constructive. Dark comedy style dramas don’t happen in our country but hopefully from now on, my work has been great after the release of one group and it is not good to say another group. I always try to give something new to the audience and this effort will continue in the future, you will be by my side.

This time the work experience is a little different from all the other times, we have to take extra care in our work during this coronary period. At other times we would prepare the story, crypt then prepare the location and this time it was a pressure to prepare the story by preparing the location. Even then I worked for the audience in the midst of hundreds of adversities. At the end of the day, the love of the audience is the strength to move forward.
Everyone will pray for me and my team so that I can gift you more work ahead.