Turikul is the busiest designer of the time

Entertainment's hit poster maker Tarikul



Publish: 4:39 PM, August 4, 2020 | Update: 4:39:PM, August 4, 2020

Graphic design is a popular profession at present. This work is both enjoyable and creative. The acceptance of a professional graphic designer is very high due to the wide scope of work and huge demand. Many talented people are leaning towards this profession. Tarikul Islam Yasin is one of those talents.

Tarikul is one of the most talked about designers of this period due to his innovative thinking and work ethic. He has signed his talent at different times.

He started this profession in 2014. He took institutional education from the Pathshala. The number of his works, including posters for dramas,web series and audio albums, is more than five hundred. Foreign movie poster design is working beyond the borders of the country. He is currently working as a senior graphics designer at Dhruba Music Station.

Tarikul told about his experience and work, – If you want to establish yourself as an international quality designer, you have to go a long way, you have to know new art techniques. I am following that policy. Patience is essential if you want to get success in this work. I want to use my experience to work in the media regularly