Dr. Faheem’s bold initiative to treat the poor

Publish: 8:15 PM, May 2, 2019 | Update: 8:15:PM, May 2, 2019

TBT Report

Dr. Faheem Shakur, a highly skilled General Practitioner (GP) from the UK’s National Health Services (NHS), has organized a free medical camp in the capital to commemorate the contribution of his beloved mother, Yasmin Shakur. Dr. Shakur happens to be the son of Dr. Taslim Shakur, a renowned professor from the Edge Hill University of the UK.

The medical camp aimed to serve those people who cannot afford to treat their ailment in Dhaka’s costly medical and diagnostic centers. The makeshift camp has started to offer free medical care and consultation services from last Tuesday and it will likely to continue till May 3, 2019.

From any part of the city, the patient/ care taker has to arrive at Panthapath’s Anna Shakur Bhaban where the medical camp is being hosted. Though, the services of the medical camp are basically targeted to people of all socio-economic background, poor and distressed people will get the preference.  In a statement, Dr. Faheem remarked, “A large number of Bangladeshi people are deprived of basic medical services. Living in a western country, has given me the perspective of how little of medical services a fellow countryman receive from the public health sector. As a result, whenever I visit Bangladesh, I feel the necessity to give back something to the society I belong to. The medical camp is dedicated to my mother. At the same time, I request everyone to pray for my mother.”